Inflammation workshop and open lecture was organized at ARC

24 June, 2019 in subject Okategoriserade

On June 10th 2019, a workshop on the topic “Inflammation” was organized at ARC. After an open lecture held by Prof Marianne Schultzberg (Division of Neurogeriatrics, NVS department, KI), 16 researchers from the divisions ARC, Neurogeriatrics and Clinical Geriatrics of NVS, working on inflammation gathered and presented their work and ideas. The aim was to identify common interests and trigger collaborations for translational research. This event was organized by Grégoria Kalpouzos, with the help of Goran Papenberg, Erik Hjorth, Mia Lindskog and Marianne Schultzberg. In addition to the organizers, the following researchers participated: Davide Vetrano, Simone Tambaro, Alireza Salami, Elena Rodriguez-Vieitez, Jonna Nilsson, Anna Matton, Anna Marseglia, Francesca Mangialasche, Giulia Grande, Amaia Calderon Larrañaga, and Lars Bäckman.

Marianne Schultzberg giving an open lecture about inflammation in neurodegenerative disorders.
Photo: Grégoria Kalpouzos