Update from the ageing and health conference

13 October, 2015 in subject Okategoriserade

Oct 8_Poster Exhibition on Theories of Ageing_2Senior and junior researchers, from various disciplines and different countries across Europe, came together for a broad, scientific discussion on ageing and health in Stockholm, Sweden, October 7-8, 2015. The conference “Horizons for Comparative and Integrative Research on Ageing and Health” assembled 300 participants and was organized by ARC together with CASE and AgeCap. The conference was funded by the Swedish Research council.
Oct 8_Poster Exhibition on Theories of AgeingThe program of the conference was based on the idea that we can gain new knowledge from research applying comparative and integrative perspectives on ageing and health. The conference included plenary keynote presentations by internationally renowned experts in various fields of ageing and health as well as invited parallel thematic sessions, workshops and round-table discussions. Keynote lectures was given by Asghar Zaidi, University of Southamptom, Martin Knapp, London School of Economics and Political Science and Patrizia Mecocci, University of Perugia.
The National Graduate School for Competitive Science on Ageing and Health (SWEAH) held a workshop in connection to the conference. To read more about the workshop please visit:
Directors of the three Forte centers on ageing in Sweden Laura Fratiglioni, director of ARC, Boo Johansson, from AgeCap and Susanne Iwarsson, director of CASE.