Two ARC researchers argue that the public care for older people needs to be prioritized

Carin Lennartsson (ARC) and Lena Dahlberg (ARC and Dalarna University) argue together with Kevin McKee (Dalarna University) that the recent years’ cuts within the Swedish public care of older people did not prepare us for the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. The researchers propose more resources for the public care of older people to satify the social needs, which are often undervalued in crisis when focus is mainly on physical and medical needs.

Debate article in Dala-Demokraten April 15 (in Swedish)

Listen to episode 38 of Medicinvetarna, a postcast about research at KI, where Lena Dahlberg talks about the relationship between involuntary loneliness and health amoung older people (from 11:10)

Also, see short clip with Lena on KI’s facebook page.