Twin study sheds light on dementia risk in people with cardiometabolic disease

31 January, 2023 in subject Okategoriserade

In a study conducted within the twin registry at Karolinska Institutet, including more than 17,900 cognitively healthy people at the beginning of the study, researchers add new knowledge about genetic relationships and how dementia risk is affected by the simultaneous occurrence of two or more cardiometabolic diseases.

The researchers found interesting connections when they analysed dementia risk in a smaller group of so-called mismatched twin pairs, where only one twin suffered from any cardiometabolic disease and only one twin developed dementia. Their conclusion is that it may be the same genetic risk factors that contribute to both cardiometabolic diseases and dementia.

The full article was published in Dagens Medicin on 17 January 2023 (in Swedish): Tvillingstudie kastar ljus på demensrisk hos hjärtsjuka