"The tent of Aging Research" – ARC attended Järvaveckan 2019

26 June, 2019 in subject Okategoriserade

ARC participated at Järvaveckan for the first time on June 12-13. Järvaveckan is alongside Almedalen the main arena for discussing current political issues.

Besides from sharing an exibition area called “the Tent of Aging Research” with the Swedish Gerontology Research Center and the Swedish Dementia Center where Jonna Nilsson Horré, Johan Rehnberg and Stina Ek represented ARC, we organized a seminar together called “Dementia and mental ill health in the elderly – the biggest challenges of the 2020s”. Carin Lennartsson from ARC talked about differences in mental ill health among elderly people.

Visitors at “the tent of Aging Research”. Photo: Marie Helsing Västfjäll
Carin Lennartsson giving a presentation about differences in mental ill health amoung the elderly. Photo: Li Yanan
Antonia Sunna, SNAC-K, and Jonna Nilsson Horré, ARC.
In the background: Lars Sonde and Lennarth Johansson, Stockholm Gerontology Research Center. Photo: Marie Helsing Västfjäll
Photo: Magnus Westlander