The Aging Research Center at the 24th Nordic Congress of Gerontology

23 May, 2018 in subject Okategoriserade

This year the Nordic Congress in Gerontology (NKG24, was held in Oslo, Norway, May 2-4, 2018. The conference covers a broad range of topics and the theme was “Lessons of a life time” to indicate not only the importance of people of old age but also the aging process covering the entire lifespan. In what way can hard-earned lessons provide the wisdom and knowledge to guide us to improve aging in current and future populations?
The Aging Research Center (ARC) was well-represented with more than 13 oral presentations, three symposiums, ten posters, and a stand in the exhibition. ARC presentations was well aligned with the theme of the NKG24 with presentations of life course studies on e.g. work-related exposure earlier in life and dementia, physical function, and mental health in old age. Other topics like polypharmacy, centenarians, and multimorbidity was also covered. ARC is now looking forward to the upcoming NKG in Iceland, 2020.
Symposium organized by ARC:

Psychological distress, mental illness, and mood fluctuations in old age – causes and consequences
Chair: Ingemar Kåreholt

Trends, prevention, and costs of dementia: Results from the Swedish National study on Aging and Care
Chairs: Laura Fratiglioni and Giulia Grande

Less is more? Discontinuing drug therapy to improve health outcomes among frail older adults
Chair: Kristina Johnell

Oral presenter from ARC:

Debora Rizzuto “Health status and health care utilization patterns in exceptionally long-lived people

Charlotta Nilsen, “The influence of psychosocial working conditions on late-life mobility in Sweden

Kuan-Yu Pan, “An active job in midlife may prevent cognitive decline in later life

Hui-Xin Wang “Association of psychosocial work stress with structural brain changes

Harpa Sif Eyjólfsdóttir “Prolongation of working life and physical functioning in old age in Sweden

Carin Lennartsson “Loneliness, social isolation, and all-cause mortality in older Swedish women and men

Davide Liborio Vetrano “Frailty and multimorbidity: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Edwin Tan “Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors and risk of stroke and death in persons with dementia

Neda Agahi “Are reasons for retirement associated with risky drinking habits following retirement?

Lucas Morin “How do hundred-year-old people die? Results from a population-level study of centenarians in Sweden”

Stefan Fors “Is there a trade-off between mortality selection and disabilities in exceptionally old age?”

Lena Dahlberg “Trends in social exclusion among older women and men in Sweden”

Jonas W Wastesson, “Health care use among older adults with and without multimorbidity before and after the primary care reform in Stockholm County Council”