The Aging Research Center in the 22nd Nordic Congress of Gerontology

11 June, 2014 in subject Okategoriserade

Aging Research Center at 22NKGThe Aging Research Center (ARC) was well represented in the 22nd Nordic Congress of Gerontology (22NKG) with symposia, oral presentations, posters and a booth in the exhibition. ARC brochures, Activity reports and the magazine Äldre i Centrum were distributed and the booth was well visited.
ARC was involved in several sessions, both as organizers but also with one or more presentations:
– S12 Extremely old people in Denmark, Finland and Sweden: their health and living conditions
Chairperson: Parker
– S16 Predictors of functioning on old age: Reports from Nordic longitudinal studies
Chairperson: Thorvaldsson
– S20 Capturing the complexity of health in aging
Chairperson: Fratiglioni
Aging Research Center at 22NKG_symposium– S36 Temporal health trends among elderly people
Chairperson: Thorslund
– S48 Current developments and challenges in care of older people with complex health problems in the Nordic countries
Chairperson: Thorslund
– O7 Use and disuse of medications and alcohol
Chairperson: Fastbom
ARC at 22NKG_Poster collage
Poster presenters from ARC:
Hanna Berndt
Harpa Sif Eyjolfsdottir
Jonas Wastesson
Malin Ericsson
Neda Agahi
Pär Schön
Susanne Kelfve
Pär Schön won the award for Best Poster in Poster Session 2 with the following abstract:
Rapid decrease in length of stay in institutional care for older people in Sweden between 2006 and 2012: results from a population-based study
Pär Schön1; Mårten Lagergren2; Ingemar Kåreholt3
1Aging Research Center; Stockholm Gerontology Research Center, Stockholm, Sweden; 2Stockholm Gerontology Research Center, Stockholm, Sweden; 3Aging Research Center; School of Health Sciences, Jönköping University, Stockholm; Jönköping, Sweden
For the full program and more details of ARC participation at the congress visit the 22NKG website:
Photos: Linnea Sjöberg