Four out of eight grants awarded to Karolinska Institutet from the Swedish Research Council within the area of Humanities and Social sciences was given to researchers at the division of Aging Research Center!

Johan Fritzell “Does inequality increase among older persons in Sweden? A multidimensional perspective” 3 years, 3 503 000 SEK
Grégoria Kalpouzos ”The impact of genetic, biological and lifestyle factors on brain iron load: Consequences for motor and cognitive functions in adulthood and aging”
Martin Lövdén ”The exploration-selection-refinement model of how the brain gains motor skills” 4 years, 4 212 000 SEK
Jonas PerssonAdaptive forgetting: Neurocognitive mechanisms linked to normal aging and emotional disorders” 4 years, 5 500 000 SEK
More details about their projects presented at KI/NVS news.