Yuanjing Li

Title: PhD Student

Sector: Medicine

Research group: Chengxuan Qiu

Yuanjing Li, PhD student, Medicine Unit.

Yuanjing Li is a PhD student at Aging Research Center. Yuangjing has a Master’s in Neurology from Shandong University and got certificated as a neurologist after finishing a 3-year medical training in China. She has been working within the MIND-CHINA project since 2018 and is focusing on the automatic and visual assessment of brain imaging as well as the cognitive reserve in cognitive decline.

Yuanjing’s PhD project is on the interplay of the cerebral small vessel disease (e.g., white matter hyperintensities, brain atrophy, perivascular spaces, etc.), genetic susceptibility, cognitive reserve with cognitive aging. Her doctoral research is under the supervision of Chengxuan Qiu, together with Erika Jonsson Laukka, Rui Wang, Serhiy Dekhtyar and Grégoria Kalpouzos.