Yongxiang Wang

Title: Affiliated

Sector: Medicine

Research group: Chengxuan Qiu


Full size portrait of Dr. Yongxiang Wang
Photo: Tao Le.

Yongxiang Wang is working as a physician/clinician in the Department of Neurology in Shandong Provincial Hospital, a university hospital affiliated to Shandong First Medical University, China.

Yongxiang received education in basic medical science and clinical medicine (M.D.) in 2001-2009 in Shandong University. He completed his PhD at University of Nebraska Medical Center in USA in 2014. Yongxiang worked as a visiting researcher in Chengxuan Qiu’s team in 2017.

Yongxiang is the main coordinator in the China-Sweden joint project-the randomized controlled multidomain intervention to delay dementia and disability in rural China (MIND-China study), which is part of the global network of multidomain intervention initiatives (World-Wide FINGERS Network). His research focuses on testing whether multimodal interventions to promote cardiovascular health and to enhance cognitive reserve may help maintain cognitive and physical functioning among older adults

Selected publications

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Yongxiang Wang, Yuanjing Li, Keke Liu, Xiaolei Han, Yi Dong, Xiaojie Wang, Mingqi Wang, Lin Cong, Qinghua Zhang, Shi Tang, Tingting Hou, Cuicui Liu, Lin Song, Xiaojuan Han, Davide L Vetrano, Yifeng Du, Chengxuan Qiu. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, serum cytokines, and dementia among rural-dwelling older adults in China: A population-based study. Eur J Neurol, 2022 May 24.

Xiaolei Han, Chaoqun Wang, Lin Song, Xiaojie Wang, Shi Tang, Tingting Hou, Cuicui Liu, Xiaoyan Liang, Chengxuan Qiu, Yongxiang Wang*, Yifeng Du*. KIBRA regulates amyloid β metabolism by controlling extracellular vesicles secretion. EBioMedicine, 2022 Apr;78:103980.

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