Stefan Fors

Title: Researcher

Sector: Social Gerontology

Research group: Johan Fritzell

Portrait of Stefan Fors.

Stefan Fors is an Associate Professor of Public Health at Stockholm University. He is trained as a sociologist, and holds a PhD in Social Work. Stefan works as a researcher at ARC.

His research is primarily concerned with trends and socioeconomic inequalities in health and function in old age. Parts of this research concern the associations between social and financial disadvantages experienced throughout the life-course and health in later life.

He is also involved in research on the accumulation of financial and social disadvantages throughout the life-course. That is, to what extent do different social and financial disadvantages cluster among certain individuals, and what characterizes those at greatest risk of such accumulation?

Project (PI)

Evolving gender differences in health & care across cohorts (FUTUREGEN)

Selected publications

Sundberg, L., Agahi, N., Fritzell, J., Fors, S. (2016). Trends in health expectancies among the oldest old in Sweden, 1992-2011. European Journal of Public Health. [Epub ahead of print]

Fors, S. & Thorslund, M. (2015). Enduring inequality: Educational disparities in health among the oldest old in Sweden 1992-2011. International Journal of public Health. 60(1): p. 91-98.

Heap, J. & Fors, S. (2015). Duration and accumulation of disadvantages in old age. Social Indicators Research, 123(2): 411-429.

Shaw, B. A., McGeever, K., Grubert, E., Agahi, N. & Fors, S. (2014). Socioeconomic inequalities in health after age 50: Are health behaviors to blame? Social Science & Medicine; 101: 52-60.

Fors, S., Lennartsson, C. & Lundberg, O. (2009). Childhood living conditions, socioeconomic position in adulthood, and cognition in later life: exploring the associations. Journal of Gerontology: Social Science, 64B(6), 750-757.