Pernilla Alencar Siljehag

Title: PhD student

Sector: Social Gerontology

Research group: Carin Lennartsson

Pernilla Siljehag is a doctoral student in Carin Lennartsson’s group in the Social Gerontology Sector at the Aging Research Center (ARC), Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University. Her position is organised as an industrial PhD student position in collaboration with Stiftelsen Stockholms läns Äldrecentrum. In this collaborative research project she, among others, will explore the life conditions of first-time social health care users 65+ by combining register data from Snac Stockholm Äldreomsorg and VAL (Region Stockholm), and additionally interview first-time social health care users for qualitative analyses.

Pernilla has a MSc in nursing and a specialist nurse graduation as District nurse. Her clinical background is from primary care, specifically from basic home care. She has academic and pedagogic experience from assignments and research projects at the Academic Primary Healthcare Center (APC), Region Stockholm, mainly concerning care development and implementation in the area of healthy ageing, interprofessional clinical education and continuing education for nurses.