Nathalie Frisendahl

Title: PhD Student

Sector: Medicine

Research group:

Nathalie Frisendahl standing outside in the sun and smiling at the camera.

Nathalie Frisendahl is a PhD student and participating in the doctoral school in health care and science. Nathalie works in the medical sector at Aging Research Center and at The Division of Physiotherapy, NVS. She is a licensed physiotherapist since 2013 and she has worked in primary health care mainly with the elderly and home rehabilitation. Nathalie has a Bachelor in physiotherapy (Karolinska Institutet, 2013), and a Master of degree in physiotherapy (Umeå university, 2016).

The overall aim of Nathalie’s PhD project is to validate and implement a new screening tool to predict first-time injurious falls in elderly people.