Marguerita Saadeh

Title: PhD Student

Sector: Medicine

Research group: Amaia Calderón-Larrañaga

Close-up portrait of Marguerita Saadeh, standing outside in the sunshine.

Marguerita Saadeh is a doctoral student in the Medicine Sector at Aging Research Cencer (ARC). Her PhD project focuses on “Enjoying life and living healthier: the role of psychosocial factors and their biological mechanisms on functional trajectories in older age”.

Marguerita has a Master’s degree in Public Health Sciences (Epidemiology) from Karolinska Institutet, and a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from the Lebanese American University in Beirut. During her master’s, she completed a research project on identifying the role of Homocysteine, methionine and MTHFR genotype in predicting the rate of cardiovascular multimorbidity development in older adults . She has also gained experience by working previously as a community and clinical pharmacist.