Lu Dai

Title: Postdoc

Sector: Medicine

Research group: Amaia Calderón-Larrañaga


portrait of Lu Dai.
Lu Dai. Photo: Maria Yohuang

Lu Dai is a postdoctoral researcher who started working with Davide Libero Vetrano in the Medicine Unit at the Aging Research Center (ARC) in August, 2021. She has a medical background and received Doctor of Medicine (MD) in 2013, in Tianjin, China. She completed her PhD in Renal Medicine, supervised by Professor Peter Stenvinkel, at Karolinska Institutet.

Her doctoral work was focused on vascular aging in chronic kidney disease. During her PhD, Lu also worked as an early stage researcher in EU funded Marie Curie research and innovation program: International Network for Training on Risks of Vascular Intimal Calcification and roads to Regression of Cardiovascular Disease (INTRICARE) where she received Double Doctoral Degree at Karolinska Institutet and Maastricht University in May 2021.

The main focus of Lu’s postdoc research is to identify and validate clinically meaningful patterns of multimorbidity as to improve older adults’ care and quality of life. This will be investigated in two EU funded projects AFFIRMO (Atrial fibrillation integrated approach in frail, multimorbid and polimedicated older people) and I-CARE4OLD (Individualized care for older persons with complex chronic conditions in home care and nursing homes).