Kristoffer Gustavsson

Title: Research nurse

Sector: MERA

Research group: Amaia Calderón-Larrañaga

Kristoffer Gustavsson. Photo: Maria Yohuang.

Kristoffer Gustavsson is a research nurse in Amaia Calderon Larrañaga’s group, working on a project titled “Monitoring older adults’ health for preventive and early interventions: use of the Health Assessment Tool (HAT) in the Swedish primary care setting”.

Kristoffer has a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Jönköping University, and a Master’s degree in Global Health from the University of Gothenburg, where he also worked as a research assistant. He has experience researching interprofessional collaboration in medical teams in rural Papua New Guinea and person-centred care and job satisfaction for healthcare professionals in Europe.


Gustavsson, K., Börjesson, E., Björklund, M., & Munck, B. (2021). Interprofessional collaboration in connection with a medical ship: nurses’ experiences. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 30(23-24), 3506-3516