Jonna Nilsson Horré

Title: Affiliated

Sector: Psychology

Research group: Erika Jonsson Laukka


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Phone: +46 8 524 858 27


Portrait of Jonna Nilsson Horré.

Jonna Nilsson Horré is working as an assistant professor at GIH. She did her post doc at ARC and worked as an assistant professor in Martin Lövdén’s team.

Jonna completed her PhD at Newcastle University in the UK in 2013, in which she investigated the role of the hippocampus in spatial memory and its relevance for cognitive impairments in affective disorders. After a shorter postdoc period, also at Newcastle University with a focus on cognition and affective disorders, she joined Martin Lövdén’s team at ARC in 2014.

As part of the REBOOT project, Jonna designs and conducts large-scale intervention studies that investigate whether novel methods can be used to modulate brain plasticity and thereby improve the outcome of cognitive training in old age. In an ongoing project (2017-2018), which is run in collaboration with GIH (The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences), the effect of physical exercise on cognitive training outcome in older individuals is investigated.

The principles and mechanisms underlying the often impressive adaptability of the human brain represents a long-term interest and will continue to feature also in future projects.

Selected publications

Nilsson, J., Lebedev, A.V., Rydström, A., & Lövdén, M. (2017). Direct-Current Stimulation Does Little to Improve the Outcome of Working Memory Training in Older Adults. Psychological Science, 28(7), 907-920.

Nilsson, J., Thomas, A.J., Stevens, L.H., McAllister-Williams, R.H., Ferrier, I.N., & Gallagher, P. (2016). The interrelationship between attentional and executive deficits in major depressive disorder. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, 134(1), 73-82.

Nilsson, J., Lebedev, A. V., & Lövdén, M. (2015). No Significant Effect of Prefrontal tDCS on Working Memory Performance in Older Adults. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience7, 230.

Nilsson, J., Thomas, A., O’Brien, J., & Gallagher, P. (2014). White matter and cognition in ageing: a focus on processing speed and variability. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 20, 1-6.

Nilsson, J., Ferrier I.N., Coventry, K., Bester, A., & Finkelmeyer, A. (2013). Negative BOLD signal in the hippocampus during short-term allocentric spatial memory. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 25, 8, 1358-1371.