Johan Fastbom

Title: Professor

Sector: Medicine

Research group: Weili Xu

Johan Fastbom.

Johan Fastbom is a clinical pharmacologist and professor in geriatric pharmacology at the Aging Research Center (ARC). He is also employed part-time as an expert in pharmacology at the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare.

Johan Fastbom has been the main supervisor of five and co-supervisor of ten PhD students, who have defended their dissertations. He is currently co-supervisor of four PhD students. His publication list includes more than 130 original papers and over 40 other publications (reports, reviews, book chapters, textbooks) in basic neuroscience, geriatric pharmacology, and pharmacoepidemiology. He often serves as a referee for pharmacological and epidemiological journals. Johan regularly gives lectures in geriatric pharmacology to health care personnel, physicians, pensioners and their relatives, as well as politicians.

Research field and research areas

Johan Fastbom’s major research field is geriatric pharmacology and his specific areas of research include:

  • Inappropriate drug use in older people
  • Indicators of quality of drug use in the elderly
  • Register-based geriatric pharmacoepidemiology
  • Drug use in frail elderly
  • Adverse drug reactions in the elderly
  • Inequalities in older people’s drug use
  • Methods to improve quality of drug use in the elderly

Selected publications

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