Giorgi Beridze

Title: PhD student

Sector: Medicine

Research group: Amaia Calderón-Larrañaga

Close-up portrait of Giorgi standing outside in front of flowery bush.

Giorgi Beridze has been working as a research assistant at Aging Research Center, studying the clinical and biological risk factors of multimorbidity development and accumulation under the supervision of Amaia Calderón Larrañaga. From 15 October 2021 he joins the research group as a PhD student.

Giorgi is a medical doctor from Georgia. He has a Master’s degree in Public Health Sciences – Epidemiology from KI. Giorgi did his master’s thesis at ARC under the supervision of Amaia Calderón Larrañaga. The aim of the master’s thesis was to explore the association between social network and quality of life among older European adults and possible North-South differences in these associations.