Bettina Meinow

Title: Affiliated

Sector: Social Gerontology

Research group: Carin Lennartsson

Portrait of Bettina Meinow.

Bettina Meinow holds a PhD in social work and has a background in sociology. Currently, she is employed at the Stockholm Gerontology Research Center (Äldrecentrum) and is affiliated to ARC.

Her research mainly concerns trends in health and function in old age, especially multiple complex health problems and their association to mortality over time and for different demographic and socioecomic groups. As life expectancy increases and the relatively healthy and independent period after retirement lasts longer than it did a few decades ago, an important question is whether the period with poor health and dependence on long-term care has been compressed, postponed or expanded, as more recent cohorts survive longer despite health problems. Another focus of research is medical and social care utilization during the last years of life and how population health trends relate to developments in medical and social care services.

Project (PI)

Longer lives, healthier lives? Patterns of severe health problems and dependency in the last years of life

Selected publications

Peer-reviewed original articles

Marengoni, A., Angleman, S., Meinow, B. et al. (2016) Coexisting chronic conditions in the older population: Variation by health indicators. Eur J Intern Med 31 (2016): 29-34.

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Nilsen, C., Andel, R., Fors, S., Meinow, B., Darin Mattsson A., Kåreholt, I. (2014) Associations between work-related stress, midlife socioeconomic position, and serious health problems in old age: A longitudinal study with over 20 years of follow-up. BMC Public Health, 14:887

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Socialstyrelsen (2009). Nationell uppföljning av äldreomsorg i Danmark, Norge, England och Kanada. Stockholm, Socialstyrelsen.

Popular publications

Meinow, B., Parker, M.G., Thorslund, M. Många äldre har inte själva förmåga att välja sin omsorg. [Many elderly people do not have the cognitive and physical resources to make own choices on caregivers] Dagens Nyheter, DN-debatt, 27 september 2011.