Basile Rommes

Title: System developer/Bioinformatician

Sector: Medicine

Research group: Debora Rizzuto

Basile Rommes graduated from the University of Copenhagen with a Master’s in Bioinformatics. He started his professional carrier as a Data Scientist in translational medicine with the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, by providing data curation and data harmonisation for medical research platforms in different domains such as Atopic Dermatitis/Psoriasis (BIOMAP) and CoViD-19 (CON-VINCE).

Basile currently works at the National E-Infrastructure for Aging Research (NEAR) on the harmonization of data, data analysis, and technical development of the NEAR platform.

His interests include machine learning, statistics, data visualization and software development, as well as the transfer of knowledge through teaching. Basile wrote his Master Thesis “Mean-Field Networks for Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessels” to explore a novel machine learning approach for the precise identification of the network of blood vessels in medical images of the human retina.