Sino-Sweden Research Network on Aging

27 February, 2017 in subject Okategoriserade

ARC researcher Chengxuan Qiu will through the project “Sino-Sweden Research Network on Aging: exploring the differential impacts of biomedical and environmental factors on cognitive aging across cultures” try to bridge the knowledge gap between cultures and strengthen the existing network.
The proposal “Sino-Sweden Research Network on Aging” has been approved jointly by the Sweden Research Council (VR) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). Our leading collaborator in China is Prof Juan Li from Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. In this 2-year project, we seek to strengthen our existing network on aging research through which we aim to bridge the knowledge gap across cultures between the East and the West societies with regard to the potential differential effects of biomedical and environmental factors on the phenotypes of cognitive aging. To achieve our goal, we plan to organize two workshops and training courses in Stockholm (2017) and Beijing (2018), and to support short-term (3-4 months) exchanges of junior researchers and graduate students.