Resource team for the older population’s health during covid-19

14 May, 2020 in subject Okategoriserade
Karolinska Institutet’s president Ole Petter Ottersen has set up six resource teams to gather internal experts and resource persons to support the university management and to support communication. One of the resource teams is for the older population’s health during the pandemic.

The resource team for the health of the population of older people during covid-19 can be advisory to KI’s management in the following ways:

  • Communication of internal and external issues regarding the health of the older people and COVID-19
  • Producing knowledge bases on the health of older people in relation to the epidemic
  • Collaboration with the health sector in the Region Stockholm and with the care of old people in the county’s municipalities
  • Assist other resource groups at KI in matters relating to the health of the older population

The team consists of ten geriatric researchers from different departments at KI, mainly from NVS. Two of the members are ARC’s Laura Fratiglioni and Carin Lennartsson. Find out more about this initiative and the other resource teams here.

Photo by Rebecca Lindblad. Note that the man in the photo has nothing to do with the content of this article.