PI: Miia Kivipelto, miia.kivipelto@ki.se

There is no cure for dementia. It is therefore important to predict people’s risk for dementia and implement early preventive strategies. The goal of the project “Multimodal Strategies to Promote a Healthy Brain in Aging: Innovative Evidence-Based Tools” (MULTI-MODE) is to produce and commercialize two evidence-based e-health tools to predict dementia risk and to prevent cognitive decline and dementia among those who are at risk.

 The work in MULTI-MODE will build on the original CAIDE Dementia Risk Score (developed by Prof. Kivipelto and colleagues) to develop a dementia risk prediction tool for various at-risk populations. The project will also use evidence from an innovative multimodal preventive program, the Finnish Geriatric Intervention Study to Prevent Cognitive Impairment and Disability. The E-health tools developed in MULTI-MODE will be tailored for use by people in the community, patients, and those working in health care. The project will also educate these groups in lifestyle changes that can prevent or postpone cognitive decline, such as nutrition, exercise, cognitive training, social engagement, and management of vascular and metabolic conditions. MULTI-MODE aims to contribute to the European target of a two-year increase in healthy life years and to benefit the social care system and health economy.

The project is funded by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT-Health), a body of the European Union. Professor Miia Kivipelto leads the project, and it is coordinated by Shireen Sindi. The project includes academic and industrial partners in Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands, and Spain.