Photo: Emi Svedberg


Research at ARC is representing three areas:

  • Psychology (e.g., cognition, structural, functional, and molecular brain imaging)
  • Social Gerontology (e.g. sociology, public health, social epidemiology, social work)
  • Medicine (e.g., neurology, epidemiology, psychiatry, geriatrics)

Research resources

Research conducted at ARC is based on data from large-scale longitudinal studies, national registers, experiments and intervention studies.

Research groups

The researchers at ARC come from various backgrounds and belong to one of the nine research groups within psychology, social gerontology or medicine.

Ongoing projects

A list of ongoing research projects at ARC, funded by external grants.


During 2021 we have published 113 original articles, five book chapters, three review articles, four editorials/commentaries, five reports and working papers, three doctoral theses and seven other types of publications. Find our publications lists and a complete list of doctoral theses at ARC from 2000 to the present.