Treatment and care of older people

With our research in geriatric pharmaco-epidemiology at ARC, we aim to understand and improve drug treatment in older people. This work focuses on the quality of older people’s drug therapy, drug treatment in people with dementia, drug utilization at the end of life, and monitoring drug use over time.

Ongoing projects within this research area (in alphabetical order):

Aging in context: health trends, inequalities and lifestyle in the aging population Carin Lennartsson, PI

Does our healthcare system truly fit older people? Impact of multidimensional health trajectories on the use of medical and social care services Amaia Calderón-Larrañaga, PI

Drug prescribing in end-of-life care in nursing homes: improved treatment across countries Kristina Johnell, PI

MiniQ – A web-based system to optimize drug treatment in elderly people Kristina Johnell, PI

Optimizing drug treatment in old age: a novel translational research project Kristina Johnell, PI

Patient-centered IT-support for quality and safety of drug use in older adults: The QS-project Johan Fastbom, PI

Why do older people seek emergency care? Causes, circumstances and explanations Pär Schön, PI

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