Morbidity and function

Challenging questions in aging research include the definition of healthy aging and the interplay between the multiple factors that contribute to health in older populations. Using large population-based studies, ARC researchers attempt to understand the complexity of health in older adults by investigating and monitoring health status during aging and by exploring various determinants of health.

Ongoing projects within this research area (in alphabetical order):

Aging through life: identifying new pathways for living longer and healthier Laura Fratiglioni, PI

Can a healthy physical and social environment compress the period of disability in older adults? Debora Rizzuto, PI

Disentangling complexity of health in aging: a new research environment to pave the road for individual medicine Laura Fratiglioni, PI

Health and mortality in older Europeans – a matter of cash and care? Johan Fritzell, PI

Mental health in old age: the role of social disadvantages throughout the life course and across birth cohorts Serhiy Dekhtyar, PI

Phenotypes of healthier aging: the role of environmental, behavioral, and biological factors in health trajectories Amaia Calderon Larrañaga, PI

Thinking, moving, and falling: early detection of fall-prone phenotypes as targets for primary interventions—a translational study Anna-Karin Welmer, PI

Using multidimensional prognostic indices to improve cost-effectiveness of interventions in multimorbid, frail older persons (MPI_AGE) Anna-Karin Welmer, PI of the Swedish work package

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