Brain aging

People’s individual cognitive capabilities differ, and differences widen as people age. At ARC, we focus on understanding the reasons for these differences. Why do some 80-year-olds have better memory than 35-year-olds? Why do some people maintain a youthful brain but others develop dementia? How does behavior over the life course affect brain changes? Is it possible to slow, stop, or reverse cognitive decline by mental and physical training? Several factors typically interact to cause faster cognitive decline and dementia, and some factors can protect against cognitive deterioration.

Additional research in the field of brain aging not listed below is underway at the af Jochnick Center for the Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging.

Ongoing projects within this research area (in alphabetical order):

Brain functional connectome across the human lifespan: links to white matter degeneration, dopamine depletion, and cognitive decline Alireza Salami, PI

CoSTREAM: A multidisciplinary approach to understand the link between stroke and Alzheimer’s Laura Fratiglioni, PI of the Swedish work package

Dopamine and behavioral control across the adult lifespan  Marc Guitart-Masip, PI

Early detection of dementia: finding the best combination of cognitive and non-cognitive markers of preclinical dementia Erika Jonsson Laukka, PI

IronAge Gregoria Kalpouzos, PI

Mapping and intervening with the behavioral factors influencing cognitive aging Martin Lövdén, PI

Not all older adults develop dementia: exploring underlying compensatory mechanisms related to healthy brain aging Laura Fratiglioni, PI

Releasing the brakes on adult plasticity (REBOOT) Martin Lövdén, PI

Structure and volume of the olfactory brain: relationships to olfactory dysfunction, cognitive decline, and prospective dementia Erika Jonsson Laukka, PI

Temporal dynamics of adult brain plasticity: effects of motor learning on brain anatomy and cognitive functions in adulthood Claudio Brozzoli, PI

The body-mind connection: exploring the biological mechanisms underlying the effects of somatic health on brain aging Laura Fratiglioni, PI

The relation between dopamine-regulating genes, neurocognition, and aging Jonas Persson, PI

The role of cerebral small vessel disease in cognitive aging Chengxuan, Qiu, PI

The transience and persistence of memory: Linking neurobehavioral mechanisms of adaptive forgetting to adult aging and mood Jonas Persson, PI

Uncontrollable stress, dopamine and decision-making in health and depression: preliminary study Marc Guitart-Masip, PI

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