Understanding the complex and progressive care needs of older adults with cognitive disorders to provide timely and personalized care delivery

PI: Weili Xu

Researcher in Medicine

Dementia is one of the major causes of disability and dependence, and its impact on healthcare systems leads to an enormous burden on our current and future society.

The goal of this project is to provide evidence supporting timely and personalized care for people with cognitive disorders (mild cognitive impairment [MCI] and dementia). To achieve the goal, we use data from three population-based cohorts studies and a national quality registry. Findings from this project will provide practical information for healthcare managers to plan and deliver tailored and stage-specific care to older adults with cognitive disorders.

Researchers participating in the project

The project leader is Associate Prof. Weili Xu. The research team in the project is multidisciplinary including Prof. Laura Fratiglioni, Anders Wimo, Maria Eriksdotter and Johan Fastbom, lecturer Britt-Marie Sjölund and Stephanie Paillard-Borg, associate prof. Alessandra Marengoni and Serhiy Dekhtyar, as well as postdoc Giulia Grande.