Long-lasting cognitive and olfactory deficits following mild COVID-19 – modifying factors, brain correlates, and prognostic impact for well-being and daily functioning

PI: Erika Jonsson Laukka

Senior Lecturer and Head of Division in Psychology

Long-lasting post-COVID symptoms may have severe implications for affected individuals and the healthcare system. The project focuses on two common symptoms in this patient group, cognitive and olfactory deficits.

The aim is to increase the knowledge regarding nature, severity, and duration of long-term effects on cognitive and olfactory function after mild COVID. Longitudinal follow-up of these individuals is vital to understand the long-term effects.

The researchers are interested in which individuals are more likely to be affected by and recover from such deficits, underlying mechanisms, and potential consequences.

Co-applicants involved in the project

Goran Papenberg, Grégoria Kalpouzos, and Marc Guitart-Masip at ARC as well as Marika Möller and Kristian Borg, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Danderyd University Hospital.