Nightmare scenario: 5,000 Swedes could die from COVID-19

25 November, 2021 in subject Okategoriserade

Stefan Fors has been involved in producing a new report for Region Stockholm, that shows an extreme scenario where 5,400 Swedes could die from COVID-19 by the summer of 2022. In this worst-case scenario, it is estimated that everyone not vaccinated will get the infection. There is still a high potential for death caused by the pandemic, and for those who are not yet protected, there is a great risk of being affected by the disease.

In the report, a comparison is made with Portugal, where 87% of the population is vaccinated.

“If we reached the same vaccination rate in Sweden, we would avoid 4/5 of the estimated deaths”, says Stefan.

“We are better equipped now than we were thanks to the vaccines and vaccination coverage”, he continues.

One of the conclusions is more (and more efficient) vaccination campaigns, and for individuals who have not yet been vaccinated, to do it as soon as possible.