Miia Kivipelto guest edits special issue of the Journal of Internal Medicine

18 March, 2014 in subject Okategoriserade

Miia Kivipelto Key SymposiumProfessor Miia Kivipelto of ARC is guest editor of the special March issue of the Journal of Internal Medicine, dedicated to “Updating Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis – implications for prevention and treatment”. This was the theme of the 9th Key Symposium, organized by the journal and The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and held in Stockholm in December 2012.
During the meeting and in the working groups after the symposium, participants discussed new developments in Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis and the implications these developments have for prevention and treatment of the disease.
Professor Kivipelto chaired the scientific committee that organized the event, which brought together a multidisciplinary group of about 100 researchers and clinicians from Europe and North America, including experts who had a decisive role in defining the new diagnostic criteria for Alzheimer’s disease. The topics discussed are presented in seven articles. Each article provides the authors’ perspectives and a synthesis of the current state of the art. All articles published in this special issue of the Journal of Internal Medicine are open-access and can be read at:
Watch a film of Professor Kivipelto talking about the symposium and the articles at www.jim.se
The Key Symposia are organized by the Journal of Internal Medicine and The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. These international meetings in research areas at the forefront of internal medicine are arranged in honor of Professor Axel Key, pioneer in clinical medicine, member of the Royal Academy, chair of Karolinska Institutet in the mid-nineteenth century, and founder of the Journal of Internal Medicine.
Photo: Stefan Zimmerman