Marc Guitart-Masip appointed as an associate professor in neuroscience

13 February, 2018 in subject Okategoriserade

At the end of January, Marc Guitart-Masip, researcher at the Aging Research Center, was appointed as an associate professor in neuroscience at the KI Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society.
– It is exciting and inspiring to become an associate professor, says Marc Guitart Masip.
Marc has currently three main research interests: First, to understand the role of neuromodulators like dopamine and serotonin in motivational process and decision-making; Second, to understand the relationship between degeneration of the dopaminergic system and cognitive decline in normal aging; Third, to understand the role of the human hippocampus in the generation of adaptive responses in the context of anxiety or novelty. He is planning a new study to uncover the relationship between the cognitive functions underlying decision-making abilities and risk for depression. He combines behavioral approaches, computational modeling, pharmacological manipulations and imaging techniques such as fMRI, PET and MEG.