Interactive webinar on patterns of multimorbidity from two different European settings

9 August, 2016 in subject Okategoriserade

Amaia Calderón-LarrañagaARC researcher Dr. Amaia Calderón-Larrañaga is part of the international discussion panel on current research in multimorbidity patterns in an interactive webinar.
In contemporary medicine, older persons are no longer presenting with isolated illnesses but rather a pallet of chronic conditions. As health professionals adjust to meet the demands of this health transition, they often regress into the trap of dichotomized perceptions of health versus disease. However, this mindset is not befitting in an era of chronic multimorbidity and frailty which demands that older persons adapt to an increasing number of health problems. In this interactive webinar we present and discuss recent research findings on patterns of multimorbidity from two different European settings, and their applicability for health policy and practice.
To access the webinar, register by adding your name and e-mail address, once you click on the “open webinar” button of the following link:!/topicsmds/20160628_1