Forte program grants to ARC in strategic research fields

17 November, 2016 in subject Okategoriserade

ARC has been awarded two program grants in Forte’s call in strategic research fields. The call for proposals concerned five prioritized research areas, and the aim is to contribute to a long-term development of knowledge and competence.

– We are happy for the program grants awarded to ARC which is an important recognition that the research conducted at ARC and our upcoming research ideas are of high international quality, says ARC’s director Johan Fritzell.
Johan Fritzell
Program: Inequality dynamics over the life course: family and policy influences
Program grant: SEK 11 500 000 distributed over three years within the area of Equal Living Conditions
Laura Fratiglioni
Program: “Aging through life: Identifying new pathways for living longer and healthier”,
Program grant: SEK 9 000 000 distributed over three years within the area of Ageing, Demography and Health
Program grants are funded for 3 + 3 years, starting in 2017. Each program grant will amount to 3-4 million SEK per year and 3-4 program grants were funded within each area.
The five prioritized areas were:

  • Ageing, Demography and Health
  • Transformations and Challenges concerning Working Life and Labour Market
  • Alcohol, Narcotics, Doping, Tobacco and Gambling
  • Migration and Integration
  • Equal Living Conditions