Exchange-retreat between research groups at ARC and AgeCap

6 February, 2015 in subject Okategoriserade

ARC and AgeCap Exchange ARC and AgeCap Exchange - group photoMembers from the Aging Research Center (ARC) at Karolinska Institutet/Stockholm University and the Neuropsychiatric Epidemiology group (EPINEP) at the Centre for Ageing and Health (AgeCap) at the University of Gothenburg had a very successful and rewarding retreat, the 4-5th of February at Knistad Herrgård, Skövde. The main purpose of the event was to exchange knowledge and ideas across the research groups, and to discuss potential future collaborations.
The program included presentations on the main studies by the directors of ARC and AgeCap, Laura Fratiglioni and Ingmar Skoog. It was followed by a networking activity, allowing the members to have one-on-one communication. The primary task was to engage in one of the three focus group discussions on depression, dementia, or multimorbidity/somatic disorders, where potential future collaborations were ARC and AgeCap Exchange - Ingmar Skoog and Laura Fratiglionidiscussed and planned. The Exchange-retreat ended with concluding remarks by the directors of ARC and AgeCap to facilitate practical aspects of the collaborations.
Members from both centers would like to thank the Graduate Research School on Health and Aging at ARC and Forte for financing this important initiative.