Doctoral course: Integration of Neuroimaging and Cognition in Normal Aging and Dementia

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Time: November 9th – November 13th, 2015
Place: Aging Research Center (ARC, NVS Department, Karolinska Institutet & Stockholm University), Gävlegatan 16, Stockholm
Credits: 1.5
This one-week course, offered to doctoral students, will focus on the study of the neural bases of cognitive decline in normal aging and dementia. The main neuroimaging methods included in this course are: Structural MRI (including volumetry and DTI), functional MRI, molecular PET and MRI (neurotransmission (e.g., dopamine) and markers of Alzheimer’s disease amyloid-beta, iron). Each day of the course constitutes a specific subtopic. Day 1 is about “the essentials” on dementia, cognitive trajectories and neural changes in normal aging and dementia. On Days 2 and 3, cognitive and neuroimaging data will be integrated (day 2: structural and functional MRI; day 3: molecular neuroimaging PET/MRI, and multimodal and multivariate imaging). On Day 4, genetic, biological and environmental modifiers of cognition and neural integrity are considered. On Day 5, an introduction to cognitive and brain plasticity in aging is provided.
The course contains short lectures, seminars and hands-on sessions where the students compute analyses on real data.
Students from different academic backgrounds (master in psychology, neuroscience, medicine, biology, engineering, neuroepidemiology) are welcome. Previous knowledge in cognitive processes, brain anatomy and neuroimaging is a requirement.
The course will be held in English.
Course leaders: Dr. Grégoria Kalpouzos, Dr. Alireza Salami, Dr. Francesca Mangialasche.
Link to the course:
Deadline for registration: May 18th, 2015.