Doctoral course: Computational modelling for cognitive neuroscience and psychiatry research

Program: Neuroscience
Time: January 17-Februari 20, 2020
Place: Aging Research Center (ARC), the Widerström building, Tomtebodavägen 18A, floor 10, KI campus Solna
Credits: 1.5

The purpose of the course is to introduce doctoral students to computational techniques for modelling and analysing behavioural data for cognitive neuroscience and psychiatry research, providing them with practical experience applying these techniques.

After successful course completion, the students will be acquainted with several key computational models and have enough understanding to enable them to 1) critically interpret the results of the studies in the field and 2) adapt the models to new experimental paradigms for their own research. The students will be able to implement and estimate the models with the R package rstan.

The course consists of lectures and hands-on sessions with practical exercises.

The course will be held in English.

Course leaders: Benjamín Garzón, Marc Guitart-Masip, Rita Almeida

More information and application

NOTE! This course has been canceled.