Collaboration between ARC and National University of Singapore (NUS)

8 July, 2016 in subject Okategoriserade

Dr Lei Feng visiting from NUS.

Our ultimate goal is to understand and bridge the key knowledge gaps of health in aging, and of dementia in particular, between Asian and European populations. To achieve the goal, Dr Lei Feng, a senior researcher from National University of Singapore (NUS) who is specialized in geriatric and psychiatric epidemiology, is currently at ARC for a six-month visiting program. Chengxuan Qiu is the host for the visit and the coordinator for aging research between KI and NUS.
In the program, we plan to hold a public lecture on determinants of health in aging and dementia in Asian populations, organize a brainstorming seminar on the theme of ethnic differences in risk and protective factors for dementia, and implement a research project concerning predicting the risk of dementia in Asian populations. This will help to clarify several key issues with regards to disparities in time trends and determinants of cognitive aging and dementia across Asian and Nordic populations. This project is supported by a grant from the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (Forte).
This project represents our efforts to foster collaboration between KI and NUS in the strategic field of aging research that has been endorsed by the two universities in the last few years. It will also strengthen ARC’s multidisciplinary research of aging and health in terms of identifying and understanding the sociocultural and ethnic disparities in aging, health, and dementia.