Miia Kivipelto to speak when Finland’s president visits Karolinska Institutet

ARC  and KI-ADRC professor Miia Kivipelto has been chosen as an honorary speaker at  the 18 April visit of Finland’s president, Sauli Niinistö,  to Karolinska Institutet. Other guests at the event include the  president’s wife, Jenni Haukio, and the King and  Queen of Sweden. Miia  will speak about Alzheimer’s disease. Link to ki.se

ARC doctoral student receives scholarship to TEDMED 2012

2012-04-13 Almira Osmanovic Thunström has been awarded a scholarship to participate in TEDMED  2012. This meeting is a once-a-year event that gathers cutting-edge actors and  thinkers from around the world to exchange ideas about the future of health and  medicine. http://www.tedmed.com/home

Miia Kivipelto interviewed about prevention of dementia

2012-03-26 ARC researcher Miia Kivipelto has been interviewed twice on Swedish radio this March in connection with the  ongoing Finnish Geriatric Intervention Study to Prevent Cognitive Impairment  and Disability (FINGER). Link to SR P4 Link to SR P1, Vetadets Värld  

Mats Thorslund on Swedish television in February

ARC Professor Mats Thorslund appeared in Swedish  television on 29 February to discuss the increasing number of elderly people  taking advantage of tax subsidies for household services. He also commented on  the growing use of volunteers in eldercare. (In Swedish.) Link to SVT

Mats Thorslund on raising the retirement age

ARC Professor  Mats Thorslund has been interviewed on radio and television following the Swedish prime  minister’s recent statements about raising the retirement age. (In Swedish). Link to SR Link to TV4

Agneta Herlitz in DN: Gender differences in the brain

ARC Professor Agneta Herlitz studies differences in the  cognitive abilities of men and women. An article about her findings appeared  recently in the Swedish newspaper Dagens  Nyheter. Read more here (in Swedish).

Laura Fratiglioni to appear on Swedish educational television this February

Listen to  ARC Professor Laura Fratiglioni talk about the possibility of aging without  dementia on Swedish educational television (Kunskapskanalen) this February. The  program airs on 3 February from 16:00-19:00 and 11 February from 10:00-13:00. Professor Fratiglioni’s lecture was part of  the Swedish Science Foundation’s November 2011 quarterly seminar on  health and welfare.  After the  broadcasts, the … Continue reading Laura Fratiglioni to appear on Swedish educational television this February