LäkemedelsVärlden publishes article on Alzheimer’s symposium

The Swedish newspaper LäkemedelsVärlden has published an article about the Key Symposium: Updating Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis – Implications for prevention and treatment. The symposium, which took place from 6-7 December at VårGårdin Saltsjöbaden, was organized by Miia Kivipelto, Laura Fratiglioni, and Bengt Winbladand sponsored by the Journal of Internal Medicine and the Royal Swedish Academy … Continue reading LäkemedelsVärlden publishes article on Alzheimer’s symposium

Overmedication of older people

Professor Johan Fastbom of ARC was interviewed in October by Swedish radio about older people whose  medicines make them sick. Listen here (in Swedish).

Pär Schön – Care assessors and politics

Per Schön published an op-ed piece in Social  Qrage on the changing job roles of care assessors. Social Qrage is a magazine about social work produced by the trade  union Vision. Read the article at www.sq.nu (in Swedish)

Marti Parker – Chewing ability and dementia risk

Marti  Parker and her coauthors Duangjai Lexomboon, Mats Trulsson, and Inger Wårdh  have published an article in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society about the association between  chewing ability, tooth loss, and cognition in elderly people. The article, “Chewing Ability and Tooth  Loss: Association with Cognitive Impairment in an Elderly Population Study,” has been … Continue reading Marti Parker – Chewing ability and dementia risk

Laura Fratilgioni in Dagens Nyheter

The work of ARC’s Director Laura Fratiglioni and her research group is described in a full-page article in the 19 September issue of the Swedish newspaper Dagens  Nyheter. Read the article, “An active life reduces the risk of  dementia,” here (in Swedish).