Anna-Karin Welmer named docent (associate professor) at Karolinska Institutet

4 November, 2014 in subject Okategoriserade

Anna-Karin Welmer_Associate ProfessorARC researcher Anna-Karin Welmer has been named docent (associate professor) at Karolinska Institutet.
Anna-Karin’s primary area of research interest is the epidemiology of physical performance among elderly people. Especially, she has been involved in research on the complex interactions between biological, demographic, and social factors, chronic diseases, cognitive impairment, and lifestyle that may explain the development of physical limitations in old age. Her research involves extensive collaboration across Europe.
Currently she is working with the following research lines: 1) The role and potential mechanisms of vascular risk factors in the development of physical impairment in older adults; 2) The European MPI (Multidimensional Prognostic Indices) project, which aims to use the MPI to predict survival in older individuals; and 3) The connection between the body and the mind in late life.