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19 August, 2014 in subject Okategoriserade

The article “To Prevent Alzheimer’s, Diet and Exercise Are Effective, Large Study Shows” topped Time Magazine’s daily bulletin on July 14.
The Swedish Public Service news program Rapport aired the segment ”Fler kvinnor blir 100 år – men männen är friskare” (“More women live to 100 – but the men are healthier”) on July 15 (in Swedish)
On August 7 the following segment was included in SVT news – ”Brist på d-vitamin ökar risken för demens” (“Lack of vitamin D increases the risk of developing dementia”) (in Swedish)
Media appearances from earlier this spring:
– Professor Johan Fastbom was interviewed about medication and dementia at TV4 news (in Swedish)
– Professor Johan Fritzell, head of the Social Gerontology group, was on the science program Vetenskapens Värld. He appears 46:28 minutes into the clip. (in Swedish)