Photo: Stefan Zimmerman

Organization and leadership

Executive group

Consists of Director and Head of Division, Deputy Heads, Vice Head, communicator/coordinator and economy coordinator. Implements decisions taken by the internal board. Meets every other week.

Internal board

Consists of senior researchers from each sectors and three junior representatives. Led by Director and Head of Division. Shares responsibility for scientific, organizational, and financial issues. Meets once a month.

Three sectors

Employees belong to one of three sectors: Medicine, Psychology or Social Gerontology. Each sector is led by a number of research group leaders who are responsible for the employees in their research group.

Steering group

Supports and fosters the activity at ARC. It has an advisory role in budget issues and the overall planning of major ARC activities. Meets at least twice a year. Members are selected by Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University.

Division at NVS

ARC is a division at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS) at Karolinska Institutet.