ARC administration

ARC administration consists of Economy coordinator, HR administrator, Database administrator, Safety representative, Fire safety controller, administrator and Communications officer, supporting management, staff and affiliates in the day-to-day work at the division.

Cecilia Annerholm

Economy coordinator

Cecilia is responsible for the financial and personnel aspects at ARC. She manages payment of invoices, prepares financial reports for ARC management, assists with job vacancies, salary questions and employment contracts. She provides support and advice for ARC employees on a wide range of questions regarding accounting and personnel-related matters.

Ellinor Lind

Portrait of Ellinor Lind.

HR administrator

Ellinor provides support and advice for all ARC employees on a wide range of questions regarding personnel/HR related issues. She supports with new recruitments, introduction for new staff and employment contracts and assists with accounting and travel reimbursements.

Maria Wahlberg

Portrait of Maria Wahlberg.


Maria is safety representative at ARC and a member of the working environment group at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Science and Society, Karolinska Institutet. She is also Fire safety controller at ARC.

Maria Yohuang

Portrait of Maria Yohuang.


Maria makes sure that the day-to-day work at ARC runs smoothly. She handles purchasing and contacts with suppliers and assists Cecilia Annerholm and Ellinor Lind with financial management, including payment of invoices.

Lotte Brandt

Portrait of Lotte Brandt in Atrium at SSE.

Communications officer (external consultant)

Lotte provides communication support and helps to spread information within and outside of ARC in the most appropriate channels. She is the main editor for ARC’s websites and she announces half-time seminars, dissertations, and other events on the KI calendar.
(Photo: Juliana Wolf Garcindo).