ARC is organized into three sectors – medicine, psychology, and social gerontology – plus a technical and administrative group. Most projects at ARC involve at least two of the three scientific sectors. The sectors at ARC consist of at least one senior researcher, one or two postdoctoral students, and a group of doctoral students.

ARC’s sectors are financially independent. Salaries for postdoctoral and doctoral students come from project grants. ARC provides premises, IT support, data from the databases created as part of our long-term studies, and salaries for many of our senior researchers. It is worth nothing that we pay these salaries with money from our basic grant from the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research. This strategy has succeeded in attracting and keeping highly skilled and productive senior researchers, who in turn draw in enough money to fund their own projects and students – and in some cases, all or part of their own salaries.

Medical sector
Psychological sector
Social gerontological sector
Technical and administrative group