Organization and leadership

ARC has a governing steering group that consists of academics and persons from outside academia with a key interest in aging research. Presently the steering group consists of persons from Stockholm University, Lund University, PRO (the Swedish National Pensioners’ Organisation), Omvårdnadsinstitutet, Karolinska University Hospital (Stockholm County Council, Health Care Services) and Karolinska Institutet.

We have an internal ARC board that meets monthly and focuses primarily on strategic issues and an executive group that meets every other week to discuss administrative issues and implementing decisions taken by the internal ARC board.

ARC employees belong to one of three sectors (medical, psychological, and social gerontological) and/or to our data mangement and administrative staff. The internal ARC board consists of leading staff from the three sectors plus representatives from PhD students, post-docs, and researchers at intermediate levels as well as from the administrative staff.