About us

ARC was established in 2000 by Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University. We are a Forte Center—one of several research environments across Sweden funded by the Swedish Research Council for Working Life, Health and Welfare (Forte) as long-term, strategic investments capable of stimulating scientific innovations.

Together with the Stockholm Gerontology Research Center, the Swedish Dementia Center, and the magazine Older People in Focus (Äldre i Centrum), we are located in the House of Aging Research in Stockholm. We conduct research, educate the next generation of aging researchers, and spread information about our results within and outside the scientific world.

Our four basic, guiding questions are:

  • Why do we age?
  • Why do we age so differently?
  • Is it possible to decrease disease and disability?
  • How can we provide better treatment and care?
All at ARC
Photo: Maria Yohuang