About us

The Aging Research Center (ARC) was established in 2000 by Karolinska Institutet (KI) and Stockholm University (SU).

ARC is internationally renowned for its research on the health status of older adults, trends and inequality among older people, brain aging, and prevention of dementia.

Our research activities are characterized by:

  • A focus on health in aging with the goal of preventing, delaying, or decreasing morbidity and disability in old age.
  • An acknowledgement of the importance of life course processes on health and functioning in old age.
  • A focus on both individual and social group differences in late life health and disability.
  • A multidisciplinary approach that includes medicine, social gerontology, psychology, and epidemiology.
  • Creation of large databases from population-based studies on aging and health.
  • Access to other large databases on aging via national and international collaboration.
  • Integration of epidemiological and social science studies with clinical and molecular research.
  • Contributions to improve treatment and care of elderly people.
  • Special attention on neuroscience with focus on neural correlates of cognitive functions and prevention of brain aging.
  • Implementation of intervention studies to prevent cognitive decline, dementia, and multimorbidity.

ARC’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of older individuals by contributing to the understanding of the aging process from a biomedical, and psychological and sociological perspective in relation to life-long social and physical contexts. ARC conducts research and education and spreads research findings within and outside the scientific community.

ARC staff. Photo: Stefan Zimmerman